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A voice of authority in a complex mining sector

As a leading broker to small and mid-cap Basic Materials companies, our specialist professionals have built up their expertise through years of experience, both in the City and in the field. This has led to a thorough understanding of the diversity of the commodities markets, and of the esoteric indicators that define investment in this arena. 

Our services

  • Respected research combined with astute financial and strategic advice
  • In-depth knowledge of the extensive diversity contained within the global mining industry
  • Knowledge of the genuine investment opportunities masked by sector cyclicality

finnCap operates an ‘access-for-all’ approach for corporate research into the mining sector, approved by the FCA and paid for by finnCap’s corporate clients. Register below.

Why choose finnCap?

  • An enviable, unrivalled franchise of experience and expertise
  • Friendly, approachable team
  • Biggest corporate client list in the sector 

We have a strong track record of looking past the seasonal trend effects to identify the opportunities that remain within the mining sector, an area of economic growth which underpins many different forms of digital transformation, for example.

finnCap is committed to the mining sector. Our expert mining analysts keep up to speed with macroeconomic trends and country-specific risks, which means we are able to identify the assets that can outperform within this complex global industry.

Our team provides innovative research and genuine strategic advice, which allows us to help our clients navigate the supply cycle whatever the stage of their development.  With a stable platform that has remained through the peaks and troughs of the sector, we have the ability to advise in pressurised situations; we cut through fads to discover the real investment opportunities, and we recognise the skill set necessary to exploit prospectivity.

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