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The expert view on the financial sector

As leading advisers we have a strong understanding of the regulatory and strategic issues facing the financial industry. Our expert team is well versed in providing a trusted perspective within the ever-changing landscape of regulations within the financial sector.

Our services

  • Trusted insight and corporate advisory services to companies as they navigate the market, that facilitates our clients' upward momentum
  • Our financial and insurance industry experts identify the opportunities and strategies that can deliver growth 
  • Authoritative research that covers both global factors and their effect on specific companies

finnCap operates an ‘access-for-all’ approach for corporate research into the technology sector, approved by the FCA and paid for by finnCap’s corporate clients. Register below.

Why choose finnCap? 

  • An enviable, unrivalled franchise of experience and expertise
  • We promote your investment story to the right investor

We advise across a diverse segment, including wealth managers, IFAs and alternative asset managers to bring clarity and coherent coverage. Our clients get the best of both worlds of industry specialists operating in a generalist firm, meaning we are best placed to advise, promote and access capital for ambitious companies in the financial industry.

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