Dual Track

Dual Track

Can't decide whether to float or sell? Try Dual Track

Dual Track is a specialised finnCap Group service we offer to our clients, where we run the IPO and trade sale processes together. It gives business leaders the benefit of choice.

As your adviser, we can stay flexible throughout the process. There is no need for you to pick your path until you’ve made the decision that’s right for your business.

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  • IPO and sale processes run in parallel

For us, Dual Track represents a big point of difference. There are few other financial advisory firms that offer Dual Track. There are fewer still that have on their team the same range of talent, able to fully explore both the outcomes of floating and selling with complete impartiality.

Why choose finnCap Group?

  • Award-winning public market expertise coupled with sell side expertise
  • Collegiate approach that puts the client’s interests first
  • Cost efficiency, impartiality and shared intelligence

Dual Track is provided for both private equity backed companies and entrepreneurs. Quite simply, it gives you options to explore a potential IPO, or future trade sale, when you might not have previously considered it.

finnCap Group leverages the respective exit expertise of finnCap and Cavendish, in equity fundraising, IPO advisory and sell side M&A processes to bring a near frictionless and impartial dual track process. By running the IPO and sale processes in parallel, we consolidate the costs of and time spent on each and ensure that your business is marketed as broadly as possible.

There are few other firms that can do this to the extent of our combined expertise. Ours is a collegiate approach, rather than two competitors vying for control, we are partners collaborating to achieve the best result for our client. Dual Track gives you the freedom to explore a future for your company you may not have even thought possible.

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