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Corporate Finance

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To create real growth, the smart business leader does not simply find the nearest willing investor. They find the right finance option, offered by the right investor. At finnCap, we pride ourselves on being able to help companies reach new goals and hit unparalleled levels of investment by using corporate finance services that know where a business should be going.

How your investment story is told, and to who is critical to the growth process. Without a clear message and the right people helping you along the way, the next steps a business takes won’t be laid out as you wish. A plan that is easily distracted and doesn’t have everyone’s best interests in mind won’t help you see where the fundamentals lie.

Corporate Finance Fundamentals

finnCap provides a corporate finance strategy that is tailor-made for ambitious companies, both private and publicly listed. We nurture strategies that help promote a business's investment stories in ways that help investors gain reasoning and insight.

This commitment helps a business of any status access the investor and open up the type of capital that supercharges growth. finnCap arranges deals that both lenders and borrowers are happy with.

Corporate Finance Solutions for Different Levels of Investor

Whether it’s securing that next round of funding, getting ready for an IPO or looking at acquisition options, there will be team members at every level (and even outside the company) who will want their distinct solution to the same actions being carried out.

The goals of your internal team may not be the same as shareholders or independent entrepreneurs with a vested interest, but having finnCap advisors by your side will help paint the picture that everyone needs clarity to see.

Everyone in the chain will become commercially aware and see how solutions that provide realistic goals can match everyone’s expectations.

The Services We Provide

  • Private equity, AIM and Full List (including IPO) fundraising: strategy, advice and execution
  • Sponsor and Nominated Advisor (NOMAD) services
  • Public company offers, acting for offeror/or Rule 3 adviser
  • Private company acquisitions and disposals
  • Strategies to maximise business growth

The need for Corporate Finance Advice

Most business owners will only go through (at most) a handful of large transactions and handovers in their career. With every significant transaction a business goes through, an advisor has always been there to provide clear guidance to that business.

We have worked with hundreds of companies looking to expand, diversify, acquire and merge. Our experience in these critical business decisions can help provide you with clarity and reasoning as to why an investment or decision could be a good or bad idea.

Advisors with Advice that Spurs Growth

We don’t just show you the path towards private equity growth and send you down the path alone. Our advisors and corporate finance lawyers are dedicated when new clients come aboard to help any company grow with the vision they have in mind.

We provide common sense answers to complicated issues that give everyone in the project a clear understanding of what’s needed and where potential corporate problems lie. A company needs to have a lawyer who can ensure the negotiation process is amiable; someone who knows when advantages arise and if any offers are grossly undervalued in a way that doesn’t help your company grow.

Corporate Finance Advisers that help you Understand the Process

There is never any need to feel like you’re navigating murky waters with finnCap at hand. We can help demystify what roles different investments can play and promote the real growth you’ve been looking for.

finnCap advisors can help lead the way with the research needed to help see what growth options there are and help manage the process for you. While you continue to manage your business, we’ll take the reins when it comes to managing finances.

Corporate Advice for your Business

No two businesses are the same, and at finnCap we recognise as such. We know there are implications and emotions involved in every facet of managing a business and understand the emotional resonance that big impact transactions can have for your business.

Whether it is understanding the nuances between corporate finance and investment banking, or how the two intersect to charter growth, we provide the advice needed at crucial moments.

Why finnCap?

Why do our clients stay with us? The simple answer is trust. Our clients trust us to listen to their business stories and tailor our advice precisely to their needs, while the extensive network of investors we work with trust us to bring them a business story they are instinctively passionate to support.

  • No.1 broker on AIM
  • Top 5 adviser to ambitious growth companies on LSE 
  • Raised over £2.6bn in growth capital for our clients since 2007
  • Acted and advised on over 18 IPOs in the last three years

As an entrepreneurial business, we grow with our clients. Our corporate finance team has been actively recruited to include industry practitioners, chartered accountants, MBAs and qualified lawyers who understand your strategic needs and the changing regulatory environment.

M&A Corporate Finance

It is common for mergers & acquisitions to take a simple process and find a way to make it complicated. That isn’t the case at finnCap.

Our advisors are expert in helping make the M&A process shielded (defence against bids) and remain private no matter what side of the bid you’re on.

Find out more about our work on mergers & acquisitions here

IPO Services

Thinking of an IPO for your business? finnCap provides the opportunity for companies to get ready for that all-important initial offer stage. We craft the means to help businesses get their investment case in order, get all preparatory accounting work in place, help you understand how to budget for this big step and provide due diligence.

Thinking of an IPO for your business?

Read our expert guide below.

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