Female Leaders Series

Female Leaders Series

Introducing Ambition Nation: Female Leaders Series

The number of scale-ups has increased by nearly 12 per cent. The combined revenues of this slice of the UK PLC pie amounts to almost £1 trillion, coupled with the creation of 3.5 million jobs. It is from this group of companies, from some of the fastest growing sectors that we find a high proportion – nearly 20 per cent – of majority female-led businesses. However, the level of investment in female-led companies remains dismally low.

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We know there is considerable value here that lies untapped. If women in the UK set up businesses at the same rate as men, an extra million entrepreneurs would be contributing to a £60 billion boost to GDP by the end of the next decade.

With the Ambition Nation: Female Leaders Series, we aim to change things, by offering the chance for ambitious female leaders to learn from the experiences of their peers, create better networks for each other, demystify the financial jargon and find out what really makes a compelling business case to invest in. We're helping female entrepreneurs aiming to grow faster and who aspire to be bigger, taking an in-depth look at possible funding options, what the different rounds of financing mean in real terms and helping to build the confidence to understand those options without being interfered with by jargon, and the challenges faced by both investors and founders in finding the right match for each other.

Finding the right investment for a business is one of the biggest hurdles facing founders today. Ambition Nation is creating a nationwide community of female leaders, CEOs and founders, and a dialogue between fellow entrepreneurs, ensuring that an ambitious founder is paired with the right investor – the one that believes in your story and is excited to embark on your growth journey with you.

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